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Quit Smoking. Fast & Simple
Download Jackie Hill's "I-Quit Smoking Programme' Today
Train Your Mind to Quit Smoking Permanently and Get Your Life Back ...
* 30 Day No Risk Guarantee *
Are You Serious About Wanting to Stop Smoking?
If the answer is YES, then YOU will need to know WHY you smoke.
Ask Yourself The Right Questions
The 'I-Quit Smoking Programme comes with a complete and comprehensive Guidebook which takes you through every aspect of your relationship with smoking, and invites you to look deeply into the reasons why you smoke and what smoking masks in your life. It's just like having your own professional therapist - private and confidential!
Write It Down
The 'I-Quit Smoking Programme comes complete with a Workbook so that you can write down your responses to the questions. Enabling you to identify triggers and strategies on dealing with those inevitable challenges that will come your way.  It also provides that all important journal to record your journey as you become a person who never desires or needs to smoke tobacco products ever again.
Listen To The Hypnosis Sessions
Sit back and relax. Each hypnosis session takes out the effort of consiously trying to stop smoking. All you have to do is listen and allow the hypnotic suggestions to penetrate to your subconsious mind, and let your unconsious do all the work for you!
Watch The Video To See How The 'I-Quit Smoking Programme' Works...

You probably know already the reasons why you want to stop smoking... but do you know the reasons why you like to smoke? This may sound bizarre but the main reason why you find it difficult to quit is that there is a part of you (maybe a big part) that wants to keep smoking... There is a pay-off in smoking for you that keeps you trapped in the habit and to kick smoking out of your life permanently you need to find out what it is - otherwise it will just come back and haunt you. 

The 'I-QuiT Smoking Programme will take you through on a journey of discovery. You will uncover the hidden reasons why you like smoking and then you will spoil those reasons by applying the exercises given in the guidebook and workbook, and through listening to the audio dowloads. The Programme comes complete with 9 audio downloads which use the methods of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmig) to offer suggestions to your mind which will persuade your subconcsious to work for you in your desire to quit.

REVEALED! Within the 'I-QuiT Smokig Programme you’ll discover the hidden truth behind why you can’t stop smoking and why willpower alone doesn’t work.
What is your life worth to you and your loved ones?
The 'I-QuiT Smoking Programme'
Your secret weapon for dealing with denial and fear and other overpowering emotions.
Offer ONLY $47 instead of $150
You Get All THIS!
  • 97 Page Programme Guide - taking you through the process of change. Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it’s dead-easy to read and understand. And it’s logically laid out with instructions on how to complete the written exercises in the workbook and when to listen to the audio downloads.
  • 58 Page Workbook - Packed full of written exercises.
  • 9 Audio Downloads - containing hypnotic suggestions, NLP and other psychological techniques.
Over 20 hours of Life Changing Material
For An Amazing $47!
A dirt-cheap way to stop smoking – for under $50… less than what you would probably pay for a weeks’ smoking.
So Here's What to Expect from The 'I-QuiT Smoking Programme'
  • You'll learn how to kick cigarettes and tobacco products out of your life permanently using tried, tested and proven techniques.
  • At long last you will discover and understand your unique relationship with smoking. You will know how to avoid those hidden snags, snares and struggles that stop you from becoming a successful non-smoker.
  • You'll have 15 simple ways to deal with physical and mental cravings that anybody can do easily.
  • You’ll also discover those hidden reasons why you are enslaved to smoking. Once you know what hidden beliefs you are dealing with, you are ahead of the game.
  • You'll have 8 proven steps to successfully get you into the right mind-set to being a non-smoker.
  • And you'll also have the 2 simple keys to deal with the myths of smoking; such as smoking relieves anxiety, and smoking relieves boredom – the ugly truth revealed!
  • You will be able to identify emotional triggers and behaviours and not fall into their trap of seducing you.
  • You will deal with stress more easily and effectively
  • You will be fully prepared for Quit Day and beyond!
  • AMAZING! Your subconscious mind will beat the urge to smoke and you'll say “no” to others who offer you cigarettes and smoking products.
  • You'll have at your fingertips 12 proven strategies for avoiding relapse.
  • And 8 tips and tricks for getting the right support from others.
  • You'll know how to form a foolproof action plan that will work for you, so you are fully prepared for those unexpected challenges.
  • You will feel in control of your life... No longer will you be planning your day around your next nicotine fix.
  • You will know how to deal with those feelings of loss and you will enjoy the new life as a person who does not need or desire to smoke.
  • You will install new habits and new belief patterns that are healthy for you.
  • You will quickly reap the rewards of being a non-smoker... better health, increased self confidence,  improved relationships, and money to spend on other things.
        Have you been looking for this for ages?   
  What People Say About Fast Forward Therapies Smoking Cessation Programme's
"Jackie has turned my life around. I’m now proud to be  a non-smoker…I can’t thank her enough” Mike, Suffolk UK
"I never realised that my negative feelings about myself was the cause of my addiction to smoking……now I am free of both”
Jan, Romford, Essex
It’s amazing! It really works! I can’t imagine ever wanting to smoke again”  Julie, Nottingham UK
What  Is A  Resource Like This Really Worth?
Amazing Offer
Only $47

  • The I-QuiT Smoking Programme contains the equivalent of at least 20 hours with a professional therapist which is worth in the region of $2000. You will be getting the benefit of  expertise from a professional qualified psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner with 15 + years experience empowering people to transform their lives.
  • It's an investment in YOU - which is absolutely priceless! how much money is your health worth. How much is it worth to you to stop worrying about getting lung cancer, or about how your family and loved ones will cope if you can’t work, or if you die through smoking related illness……now, just for only a moment, think about spending the rest of your life feeling under par, out of breath and not able to physically or mentally do the thinks you want… much would you pay to have good health and enjoy life to the full?
  • Now consider how much it is worth to be socially accepted. Never again to be shunned by colleagues or friends because of bad breath, and wearing clothes that smell of stale cigarette smoke……to be able to visit restaurants, or meet friends at a bar without having to keep going outside to have your “fix”…….. How much would you pay to feel a sense of belonging.
  • And what price would you put on an improved self confidence. Feeling in control of your life instead of cigarettes or tobacco products controlling you...
  • Finally let’s consider how much you currently spend on smoking a day, and work out how much it costs you a year. Maybe now you’d like to times that by the number of years you’ve been smoking, and then ……just for a moment…..think about how much you will continue to spend over say the next 10 years if you don’t stop………
"And Because I’m Not Satisfied Unless You Are More Than Satisfied …
Here’s My "No Risk" Money Back Guarantee…
Jackie Hill
Creator Of 'I-QuiT Smoking Programme' and Founder Of Fast Forward Therapies

*30 Day Guarantee

If after diligently and intelligently committing your 100% commitment to all aspects of this intense program and have implemented and practiced the exercises you’re given you find that at the end of 30 days you STILL have the urge to smoke. I’ll refund you the full cost of the programme.
THAT’S how convinced I am of the value of this program – and that’s how willing I am to stand by my promises…so long as you keep to your end of the bargain YOU CAN NOT LOSE.

That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

  This the best investment in your health that you will ever make. I’m going to throw in two free bonus audio downloads if you order today!

Simply grab your 'I-QuiT Smoking Programme' right now and I’ll throw in:

FREE BONUS #1: Relapse! Getting Back On Track
FREE BONUS #2: Affirmations Meditation
Get Your 'I-Quit Smoking Programme' Today
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